Century Office Announce Launch of New Agility Electric Sit/Stand Desk Range

Century Office, a British office furniture designer and supplier, are delighted to announce the latest addition to their growing selection of ergonomic office furniture. The new Agility desk offers users the chance to either sit or stand, and encourages healthier, more flexible working practices across offices of all kinds.

Agility is available in two formats: the Agility Lite and Agility Pro. Each design provides a range of features which offer a new take on traditional office furniture formats. With distinctive features ideal for modern working environments and lifestyles, they slot easily into a wide variety of workplaces, and actively empower users to switch between sitting, standing or perching.

This flexibility helps to lower the risk of injury or illness, as well as giving posture and productivity a helpful boost. Numerous studies have revealed the benefits of a more adaptive style of desk, which recognises the needs and preferences of individuals instead of providing an outdated, one-size-fits-all approach.

The Agility Sit/Stand desks encourage activity throughout the working day and can be swiftly adjusted using one of four memory buttons on the electronic control panel. Through these four options, users can find their ideal ergonomic working position, matching it to their energy level and wellness.

"The Agility sit/stand desk range is versatile, intelligent and cost-efficient and is the perfect addition to our ergonomic desking portfolio. Our electric height adjustable desking solutions are instrumental in creating modern workspaces that promote better health and productivity in the office and home office."

Steve Bays, Managing Director - Century Office

Agility Sit/Stand Desks are available as either a frame or a complete desk, providing yet more flexibility to the end user.  With a variety of different finishes and colours to choose from, the desks feature an LCD display panel for ease of use. Safety features are locked into the mechanism as standard.

Agility Lite includes two quiet motors to adjust height options, as well as telescopic legs and a height range of between 645mm and 1295mm. The Agility Pro meanwhile can be adjusted from 625mm to 1275mm, and likewise includes telescopic legs and anti-crush feature for safety, as well as innovative and sleek design to ensure the desk delivers a more seamless sit and stand experience. 

The Agility range starts at just £341 and comes with a 5-year warranty on the steel frame and the desktop and a 3-year warranty on the electronics and motor, including the controller and keypad.

To explore both the Agility Lite and the Agility Pro, visit the Century Office website