Protex Toughened Glass Screens are an Innovative Way to Stay Connected Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Century Office are the go-to experts in affordable, innovative office furniture. Their latest product is the ideal addition to any workplace where boosting Covid-centric safety is a major priority. Designing new Protex screens is the company’s answer to queries from customers eager to create a long-term solution for back-to-work operations. 

Previously, Century Office has provided temporary Affix Perspex barriers which allowed for the short-term relief of key coronavirus-based concerns. However, as the pandemic continues and a return to the office becomes more pressing, a permanent method of facilitating safer workplaces is now called for. 

The Essex-based company has developed its new Protex screens from slim, toughened glass and aluminium, ensuring they are both durable and attractive enough to be unobtrusive in modern offices. The screens provide optimum protection yet also prevent any unnecessary disruption to open-plan workplaces where communication and connectivity between employees is essential. 

The slim build and crystal-clear toughened glass ensure light can flow through to ensure offices remain a pleasant place to work, but risk of infection is dramatically minimised. Side panels are added to slot beside each employee workspace, which extended past the immediate desk area but do not block all-important walkways. In addition, each panel includes cable ports and channels to allow for uninterrupted working and enable superb cable management. 

There are many advantages to installing Protex, as not only are they great for practical safety, but they help employees to feel safer, too. This has fantastic benefits for boosting morale, and thanks to the flexible design of the Protex, it can even be adapted to incorporate twin fabric panels – ideal for offices with differing demands. 

With more than 30 colour combinations to choose from and a strong yet slender aluminium frame in either white or silver, the Protex will work with desks between 1200-1800 millimetres widths, and is available in either 1500 millimetres or 1800 millimetres heights. Meanwhile Century Office are also offering customised sizes and scales, for workplaces where even greater flexibility is required. 

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