Revolutionising Classroom Seating with the Dynamic New Darlex Chair

New solution to help students maintain their learning whilst adhering to COVID-19 safety measures.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been chaotic for workplaces and classrooms alike, but a new chair solution from Century Office is here to help make these spaces more social-distancing-friendly.

The Darlex is a flexible new chair complete with a tablet and storage tray that allows the students to learn or work in a self-contained area. Crafted with a heavy-duty steel base and a comfortable padded seat, this durable chair is suited to any learning or meeting environment. The Darlex chair can be reconfigured into numerous work modes, whilst remaining compact enough to facilitate appropriate social distancing.

Key features of the chair include its 10mm polypropylene shell, which helps protect the Darlex from wear and tear and facilitates quick and simple cleaning.  The chair also comes complete with arms, and its own 360-degree swivel tablet, which can be folded up or down, and swivelled out of the way depending on need.  Where most tablets fitted to chairs are right-handed to cater for the majority, the Darlex tablet is designed to be universal and can therefore be comfortably used by both left- and right-handed users.

Streamlined and efficient, the Darlex learning chair is a marked difference from traditionally uncomfortable school chairs and is also noted for its ease of use and simple construction. 

Learning chair perfect for social distancing

Seamless transitions in the classroom - Watch the video

More revolutionarily, deploying the Darlex in the classroom is a chance to add some much-needed mobility into school furniture, helping to make classrooms more dynamic and vibrant places to be not only now, but long after the pandemic has passed.  

Steve Bays, Managing Director of Century Office comments, “There are not many positives to a situation like the current pandemic, but some of the solutions for social distancing are here to stay with us as they will continue to protect us from the spread of bacteria way beyond Covid-19.” Steve Bays continues, “We’re delighted to be offering this dynamic new chair as part of our collection as Darlex learning chair will not only solve the immediate social distancing issues, but also help to create a total new concept for the future of classroom and workplace learning.”  

To find out more about the Darlex, head to the official product page.

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