The Power of Creative Workplaces

Office design is changing. It’s clear that over the years the perception of what shapes a productive work environment has been greatly revised. Priorities have changed and so have the looks of offices all around. 

Creativity has certainly been given a greater precedence in the workplace than previous years, and as more and more employees demand design features that increase creative and agile working, the landscape of a multitude of offices are transforming.

Workspaces have by now started to think outside of the traditional office boxes and eliminated the claustrophobic cubicles of the 80s and 90s. By opening the office up, you will not only make the space brighter and more inviting, you will also establish a more sociable office experience where collaborations will flourish and flexibility be guaranteed.

While an open plan concept is ideal, it is still important to create assigned office and lounge areas. We see more and more companies today making sure their employees have somewhere to go and unwind to reduce stress levels and increase staff happiness and contentedness. The new way of working is to not confine your employees to one monotonous space but to keep variety in mind to create a space that’s exciting and inviting — a space that encourages creativity and that always boosts staff wellbeing.

Domesticate the office by incorporating paintings, prints, wall art and decorative items that you could find in someone’s home. Make sure that the office atmosphere says ‘home away from home’, a place where workers feel comfortable and welcomed. After all it’s not only about the look but how the office makes you feel.

While the layout of the office needs to be thoroughly thought through and planned for creativity to be given free space to roam, it is of little importance if your company overlooks ergonomically designed furniture. It’s essential that all staff members have great ergonomic desking and seating as it helps to ensure good posture and prevent back and neck pain. Moreover, ergonomic investments will not only help employees to be more energetic and productive they but will also boost morale and retention.

It’s advised to choose a sit-stand desk as it encourages movement throughout the normally sedentary day. This paired with a good ergonomic chair for seated work, will not only improve employee’s overall quality of work and life by minimalising pressure on muscles and joints, increasing blood flow and hindering muscle deterioration, but will also help create an active and high performing work environment.

To establish a creative office it’s vital to consider a multitude of design aspects. Layout, ergonomics and decorative design all contribute to a health conscious, productive and creative workspace that will benefit both employers and employees.

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