Flex-Exec Stylish Executive Office Leather Chair in Black

Flex-Exec Stylish Executive Office Leather Chair in Black

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Our Flex-exec chair ensures the ultimate sitting position, with its five locking synchronised contoured Flex-exec back, the seat and back move in harmony with each other, ensuring a supported ergonomic working position.  


  • Synchronised seat and back angle  
  • Adjustable active tension control    
  • Height adjustable gel arm pads  
  • Class 4 gas adjustment  
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminium base  
  • Five lockable back positions   
  • 25 stone (158kgs) weight rating  
  • Seat depth slide  Height adjustable lumbar  
  • Lumbar depth control  
  • Height adjustable headrest  
  • Headrest angle and tilt  
  • Removable seat for easy replacement 
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