Office desks, benches and workstations

Our affordable bench office desks and workstations include a variety of styles to suit different office spaces, from traditional panel end to sleek and sculptured contemporary designs. All of our office desks have been created as systems, meaning additional desks can be configured whilst still keeping a uniform look.

Traditional office desks and benches 

At Century Office, we offer affordable and versatile office desk solutions that are guaranteed to deliver with high-quality convenience and care. With correctly chosen items that can create an efficient and visually gorgeous, professional working environment for office workers, our wide range of traditional office desks are perfect for the comfort of your employees. Below are some of our traditional office bench desk and workstation systems.

Javelin sleek bench desk


The Javelin bench desking system is a stylish, comprehensive and flexible solution. The Javelin bench is one of our adaptable, modern and cost-effective bench desking systems designed for comfort and convenience, and contains the following features:

- Unique and stylish design set
- Easy installation
- Customizable features
- Features to conceal wires and IT equipment


From £315.00 + VAT


Prometheus hoop leg desk


The Prometheus range is a cost-effective, contemporary and functional bench desk with a hoop leg design, including other office storage necessities such as filing cabinets, bookcases, cupboards, and personal storage units. This bench desking system includes the following additional amenities:

- Modern hoop leg designs for expensive and executive appearance
- Reconfiguration system for easy customization
- Stock wood finishing
- Single or dual monitor arms to compliment the range

From £251.00 + VAT


Octavian sculptured panel leg office desk


The Octavian sculptured panel leg range is cost-effective, modern and stylish, designed to be durable and sturdy for a variety of office environments. This modern office desk system incorporates a diverse range of complementary colours and designs to provide its contemporary feel and includes additional features such as: 

- Available in a variety of finishes such as stock wood and light oak
- Supplied with mixed carcase and door colour combination finishes
- Additional storage available

From £190.00 + VAT

Medusa cantilever leg desk


This flexible Medusa range offers a cantilever leg style with cable management options and is designed to help create an efficient, healthy and cost-effective workplace. This design allows you to have complete control over the structure and layout of the office, with additional features such as: 

- Modular units to optimise your space
- Available in a variety of colouring options
- Modern and contemporary finishes
- Give the standard, but efficient office look

From £203.00 + VAT


Sovereign executive office range


The Sovereign executive range is designed to be flexible and customizable by mixing and matching finishes. Perfect for offices that want to create an outstanding and strong first impression for clients and new workers alike. 

- A range of complementary office furniture such as storage and meeting tables to match
- Custom sizes are made to measure
- Variety of wooden finishes

From £516.00 + VAT