Boardroom seating in Essex

Here at Century Office, we have lots of different seating solutions for all Essex based boardrooms. Your boardroom is the heart of your business, it is the room where all key operations and conversations take place. CEO’s and other important business partners are brought to meet, and make key decisions in your company's boardroom so therefore it is important that you stock the right seating arrangements. 

Allowing your important business members and visitors to feel comfortable is a great way to promote focus and remove any distractions, meetings are likely to be much more effective when all who are present are able to sit comfortably and relax. It is proven that people are more likely to be productive and concentrate when they are comfortable and don’t have to be distracted. 

Our Ergonomic office chairs, available in both fabric and mesh, are a great first choice for your Essex boardroom, these chairs are incredibly comfortable and are specially designed to be adjusted and offer unparalleled support to your body and posture, these chairs are a great way to look after your staff and guests, ensuring they maintain good posture and minimize any risks of aches and pains. 

If our ergonomic chairs don’t spike your interest, we also offer a more sleek, presentable design of chairs. This is our executive chair range, which comes with a professional, leather finish. This range is much more aesthetically pleasing and still offers great support to the user, allowing them to sit comfortably. give your Essex boardroom a classy touch with this beautiful range of chairs which visitors are obliged to recognise. 

Depending on the height and style of your boardroom table, and surrounding furniture, we also offer a range of perching chairs. These chairs are great for boardrooms where floor space is tight, or a more casual decor is required. Our perching chairs are a great way to create a relaxed environment and offer more freedom to your staff members, whilst also looking comfortable and professional. 

Other boardroom furniture In Essex

Choosing a good range of seating is only the first step, you now need to think about what else your boardroom needs. We offer a customisable range of boardroom table options to Essex. Ensure your table is the perfect shape and size for your boardroom and matches your business’ style for a full professional feel. 

Ensure that you create a good plan for the way your boardroom will be decorated by using our online office layout planning tool. Visualise your office in an entirely new way. Plan your structure and furnishing using real-life furniture stocked on our website, with accurate measurements and sizes, to ensure that everything matches up perfectly for the size of your boardroom. 

Lastest case study with brautiful boardroom and meeting seating


Is boardroom seating important?
Yes, the seating you stock your businesses boardroom with is incredibly important. Allowing your staff and visitors to feel comfortable is one of the best ways to boost productivity within your boardroom. If your board members are all sat leisurely, they are much more likely to remain focused and not be distracted by painful furniture or be likely to experience posture problems later down the line. 

Who uses a boardroom?
A boardroom is one of the most important rooms in the entire business. It is the place where some of the most detrimental conversations and decisions will take place. The boardroom will be used by the businesses most important contributors, as well as any important business partners, visitors, staff members, or interviewees. 

What do I need in my boardroom?
First and foremost, you need a strong table to be the heart of your business. It is then important to surround this table with a good selection of boardroom chairs, which will be comfortable for your businesses staff and look professional in this important environment. Other necessities may include things like a whiteboard, projector, storage cabinets, or other smaller tables and chairs depending on the floor space available to you.