Leasing office furniture

New office furniture, low monthly payments with leasing 

Leasing office furniture is made simple at Century Office. Buying your workplace solutions on a lease agreement gives you access to the best equipment with no large upfront costs.

What are the benefits of leasing office furniture?

  • Flexible payment schemes to suit business requirements
  • Fixed rates for term of lease
  • Payments are 100% tax deductible against profits
  • No major upfront costs when leasing office furniture
  • Improved performance, productivity and profits through the purchase of the best office furniture for your business


Office furniture available for leasing

All of our extensive range of office furniture is available for leasing including electric sit/stand desks, bench workstations, collaboration and meeting solutions as well as ergonomic home office furniture. 

Give your business what it needs without the expense and commitment of outright purchasing

Our ever-evolving world asks a constant question of businesses. It demands that they either become dynamic or suffer, and at the moment it is the growth in popularity of hybrid work settings that is altering the work landscape. Office furniture leasing is a solution to the problems this poses – it not only allows businesses to be as flexible and dynamic as they need to be, but it also means they can acquire furniture as and when they need it. Through Century Office, you can give your business everything it needs to perform at its maximum potential without the commitment and expense of purchasing.

Flexible options for agile businesses

We’ve partnered with Shire Leasing to deliver flexible leasing options to our customers, making the new fit-out ventures much more attainable. Our customers can now upgrade current furniture, materialise an additional department within a week, or develop ergonomic home offices affordably with flexible payment schemes. These are some of the features of our leasing options:


Leasing limits as low as £1,000


Special opportunities for new-to-market businesses


Furnishing for as little as £7.90 per week on three-year leases or
£5.11 per week on five-year leases


Ergonomic electric
sit-stand desks from £1.89 per week

Why lease office furniture?

Leasing allows businesses to capitalise on the evolving dynamics of the business world, staying prepared for new growth without funnelling their cash flow into equipment. You'll benefit from:

  • Flexible payment schemes that match your business needs with fixed payments so you know your exact expenditure
  • Payments that are 100% tax-deductible against profits
  • Acquiring the best and most supportive office equipment, so your team can perform at their peak and your business can experience improved performance, productivity and profits
  • No disruptive upfront costs
  • Employees that feel valued with premium equipment to support their work and a higher employee retainment

Why lease with Century Office?

As well as leasing options designed to be as seamless and manageable for our customers as possible, we also have the capacity of equipment and the experience to support our service. We’ve been supplying UK businesses with contract furniture for over 40 years and have grown to be providers of the highest quality products with the support of architects, interior designers and facility managers, who all ensure they're equipped with professional style.

Keep your capital in-house, acquire exactly what you need to work comfortably and stay agile through Century Office.

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