Other seating

Our seating options include soft seating, leather, meeting and 24 hour all designed to provide comfort as well as correct ergonomics. 

Soft seating - POA

Our range of soft seating has been designed to suit a range of reception, lounge and breakout areas in various different office environments. Enquire by email sales@century-office.co.uk.  

Our leather chairs add an executive touch to your office with quality real leather seating that offers comfort as well as traditional design.  Shop our leather office chairs >> or enquire by email sales@century-office.co.uk 

Meeting chairs - from £143.10

Our range of meeting chairs have been designed with a chrome cantilever frame and are available in fabric, mesh and leather finishes all designed to provide comfort and style. Enquire by email sales@century-office.co.uk
Recommended for use over 8 hours per day, our 24 hour chairs are ergonomically designed to keep the user comfortable for long periods of time. Shop 24h office chairs >> or enquire by email sales@century-office.co.uk.