Reception Desk Designs (Modular MFC)

The modular MFC reception furniture range offers ten different designs and finishes in quality veneers and a multitude of shapes and sizes to accommodate every reception furniture needs. We can optimise your reception designs with a wide variety of colours and designs, generating a warm and welcoming environment for visitors. Check out our bespoke reception office furniture designs now by clicking the link below:


Century Office’s Reception Desk Designs 

Our selection of reception desk designs is created to provide a bright and atmospheric structure within a building, ensuring visitors are welcomed in the reception area. In addition to our visual reception designs, our receptions also offer ideal solutions for a variety of customers, offering disabled access for all of our design specifications. Available in a vast array of variable, complementary colors and textures, our selection of designs will leave a professional and everlasting impression on your visitors.

Our Office Reception Furniture

Within our bespoke reception desk designs include perfectly-built furniture to complement the design work within our selection. Our office reception furniture is featured with comfort and aesthetic in mind. For the benefit of the design schema that your building is looking for, and the visitors of your building!

COVID-19 Secure Reception Furniture

We understand that COVID-19 is still an ongoing issue for many businesses, we ensure that our products are safe to use and purchase. Our reception furniture will be cleaned thoroughly and wrapped upon delivery to ensure minimal cross-contamination, using strong, proactive bacteria and virus cleaner on all of our furniture products. 




How do I choose a reception desk?

Common things you should look for when choosing a reception desk is the aesthetic of the furniture. Does the colour match the colour scheme that the specific building or business is going for? Is the material smooth and professionally made? 

In addition to this, it is generally accepted that the optimal size of the reception desk should match the reception area - meaning that if your reception area is a smaller space, then go for a smaller desk, and vice versa. 

How much does it cost to build a reception desk? 

The cost will usually depend on the type of material used for the desk. In the UK, a solid wood half-round reception desk usually costs around £4,000 to £10,000. Depending on the brand, size, material and structure of the desk, they can commonly cost more than the usual amount. 

Why is it important to give a good impression at reception? 

The receptionist is the first person visitors will likely see during their visit, making the reception area the first area that will leave an impression for visitors in the building. 

Making a positive and lasting impression on visitors will affect their perspective on the business entirely, which is a common reason why the reception is the section of the building that is the most important for the presentation of any business.

What is needed in a reception area?

Employees with great communication and organisational skills are crucial to include in a reception area. Since they are the first point of contact, it is important that they are able to efficiently communicate with visitors. 

But beyond employees, a great reception desk, comfortable seating, beautiful aesthetics and technological facilities such as a PC and plugin ports are essential. Receptionists are likely to be working by themselves for long periods of time, so comfort and design should also be strongly considered. 

How can I improve my office reception area?

Try to maintain the cleanliness of the reception area. As viewed before, the reception is often the place that will leave a lasting impression to a visitor, making it an all-in-all important aspect to maintain cleanliness for. 

But, in addition to keeping the reception area clean, make sure you also cater to the visitors you have. Consider free Wi-fi, and use naturally warm lighting - visitors often wait long periods of time depending on the schedule the business is running at that time, so entertain them as much as possible.