Sit/stand desks

Autonomy Pro sit stand desking

Autonomy Pro

Autonomy Pro dual motor electric sit stand desking solutions.

Home button set at 720mm plus two memory set buttons  Height range 630mm - 1300mm (including top)  Anti-crush safety feature  No exposed moving parts

From £567.00 + VAT

Liberty sit stand desk


Liberty electric single motor height adjustable desking solutions.

Four programmable memory settings  Height range 715mm - 1190mm (including top)  Anti-crush safety feature  Operated via control panel with LCD display

From £437.00 + VAT

Agility Pro sit stand desking

Agility Pro

Agility Pro twin motor electric sit stand desks.

 Four memory programmable memory settings  Height range 625mm - 1275mm (including top)  Anti-crush safety features  No exposed moving parts • Three part telescopic leg for extended range 

From £556.00 + VAT

Agility Lite sit stand desk

Agility Lite

Agility Lite electric twin motor electric height adjustable desks.

Four programmable memory settings  Height range 645mm - 1295mm (including top)  Anti-crush safety features  Operated via control panel with LCD display

From £445.00 + VAT

Why choose sit/stand desks?

Modernise your office workplace with a multi-functional, sit to stand desk.

If you’re tired of feeling glued to your desk or stuck in your seat, then introducing a modern, multi-purpose sit stand desk to your office could be the answer. Designed for optimal comfort and enhanced flexibility; a standing desk allows you to keep active in the office and boost your energy and productivity levels as well as burn extra calories. 

Did you know that sitting down at your desk for long periods of time without any movement can slow your metabolism, increase your risk of type 2 diabetes by 90% and increase the likelihood of an early death? It can also put a strain on our necks causing muscle degeneration, herniated discs, posture problems and weakened bones. Studies show that stretching your legs and moving every so often will help improve your circulation, prevent weight gain and lower the risk of developing diabetes.

This makes it incredibly important that you try and maintain some form of movement which in an office, can typically be difficult to fit in. Incorporating an adjustable sit stand desk is the perfect workplace solution, offering an easy way to increase your activity levels in the office.

Benefits of sit stand desks

Promotes movement
Helps reduce back pain
Boosts productivity
Increases creativity
May lower the risk of heart disease
Improves concentration
Increases blood flow to the brain
Reduces stress levels

How do sit stand desks work?

Sit stand desks are designed to allow for movement and flexibility at your workstation, with the majority of desks built with adjustable functions. You can then simply adjust the height of your desk and use it with or without your chair, switching between the two positions throughout the day. It is recommended that you should stand at your desk for around 15 minutes per hour however to see further health benefits, 30 minutes per hour is advised. 

At Century Office we provide a number of different electric sit stand desk designs including standard desks sizes with single and double motors as well as small and powerful sit stand office desks