The best boardroom furniture in Essex

If you’re looking to create or renovate a boardroom for your office, then we have the perfect boardroom furniture solutions for you. Here at Century Office, we offer a variety of boardroom furniture options in Essex that will work with any style or aesthetic.

The most important part of any boardroom is the table itself. This is the heart of your business in a sense. This is the place where some of your most important meetings and interviews will take place, so be sure that you can conduct them in confidence. Having a great boardroom table will allow you to take pride in your boardroom and focus on what really matters. 

Our Essex tables have four base options and three table shapes. Our tables can come in all shapes and sizes and be manufactured to perfectly fit any of your business needs.


Boardroom chairs in Essex

Our Essex based company offers a wide range of seating arrangements for all styles and sizes of boardrooms. Our most popular seating arrangements are our Ergonomic Office Chairs, which come in both mesh and fabric, for style and comfort reasons. Our Ergonomic chairs are great for supporting your posture and reducing the chances of any back and neck pain. Our chairs are fully adjustable which makes them great for anybody who does experience pain when sitting for long periods of time.

Along with our ergonomic office chairs, we also recommend our very popular, Leather Executive Chairs. These chairs are much more aesthetically pleasing and fit well in any style of boardroom due to their dark, sleek design. Made from leather, these seating options are very comfortable, and still offer a good amount of support for the user. 

Boardroom design services in Essex

Here at Century Office, we offer a great, online office design and layout tool. Designing an office can usually take lots of time and hassle with lots to account for. Things like space, structure and furniture are all taken care of with our easy to use, office layout planning tool. Office design has never been easier with the concept, design, delivery, and installation all taken care of by us. 

Using our free tool is a great way to ensure that your office is designed professionally and realistically. It is made with incredibly easy to use software, and ready-made layouts and designs to help inspire you and speed up the process which may be stressful for some. Products from Century Office can also be seen and included in your designs in order to ensure realism and ease of access for your business. 

Any furniture that isn’t already assembled will be delivered and installed by our own fully trained staff and vehicles. Our fitting teams will build your office furniture based on your pre-agreed plans in order to make office design in Essex as easy as humanly possible. 

All Century Office fitters have CSCS cards, and Century Office is Chas accredited.

Meeting tables in Essex

Maybe a boardroom table isn’t the best fit for your office’s meeting room. If this is the case we have a great range of panache meeting tables that may be a better fit for your Essex office. These tables are slightly more customizable and can fit in much more specialist areas. Being built from 4 base options, this workspace method can be crafted to suit your office size with ease and will look great, and unique to your business. 


What kind of table should I get for a boardroom?
Here at Century Office, we supply all of Essex with the best quality boardroom tables, perfect for any office size or style. These tables come in 3 different shapes and can be customised to fit any room. Our Panache Meeting tables are an even more adjustable option for the smaller and more unique room sizes. 

What kind of chairs should I get for a conference room?
The best chairs for conference rooms are ergonomic ones, these chairs offer the best support for the user and are great for promoting good posture. These chairs also offer great support for the users back and neck and are fully adjustable. We also offer leather executive chairs to add more style and class to your conference room whilst also being comfortable and efficient. 

What is a good ergonomic chair?
A good ergonomic chair provides excellent support to the person sitting in it. These chairs are made to help improve the user’s posture and reduce the chances of back and neck pain. This is usually done by being fully adjustable so that you can customise it to your needs and provide yourself with adequate support. These chairs should also be comfortable which is why we stock them in both mesh and fabric.