What office furniture do we sell in Essex?

Here at Century Office we design, supply and deliver the best office furniture solutions in Essex and beyond. 

We provide everything you need in order to transform your office space and improve the efficiency of your business. We believe that the best, most effective work is produced when you are comfortable and free from distractions. 

Stocking your office up with our high quality, Essex based, ergonomic office furniture is a great way to remove any potential distractions that come with faulty desks and chairs. Allowing you, and your staff to sit painlessly and focus on what really matters. 

Office seating in Essex

We are located in Essex, just northeast of London, but we deliver nationwide. We stock a wide range of state of the art office seating, for whatever the style or requirement of your office may be. We have a vast array of Ergonomic chairs made out of mesh or fabric so that you can choose what makes you feel most comfortable. 

 Our Ergonomic Chairs offer unparalleled support to the user’s body and posture and are a great way to eliminate any back or neck pain. Our chairs are fully adjustable so that you can customize the chair to suit the size of your body. This way you can get all the right support in all the right places, to ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed, and ready to focus on your work. 

As well as our high-quality ergonomic office chairs, we also offer Essex a much sleeker, and more aesthetically pleasing, executive leather chairs range. Whilst these chairs aren’t as adjustable, they still offer great support for your posture and are incredibly comfortable to sit in. Our executive chairs are a perfect investment for all office designs and offer a sense of style and professionalism wherever they show up.

We also offer seating for different parts of your business, including waiting rooms and lobbies. Our soft seating category offers businesses a great range of products perfect to use in a casual manner, to offer your guests some character and comfort, while they await any interviews or important meetings. And if this doesn’t fit your business style, then why not try our perched seating range instead, to offer your guests high-quality stools, to save room and increase efficiency. 

We offer an even more relaxed range of seating options, great for breakrooms and business common areas. Give your hard-working staff somewhere to relax and unwind with our breakout, and booth seating ranges.

High-quality desks & tables in Essex

Whatever kind of furniture your Essex based business needs, we have something for you, we stock great quality desk and table options for every room and function. Whether you need an excellent table to hold those oh so important meetings at or are just looking to offer your staff a comfortable working environment we have everything you need. 

Our sit and stand desks are a great way to modernise your office space and are proven to increase productivity. Our new approach to office working spaces is a great way to promote movement and keep your staff fit and healthy, whilst also helping them to communicate if working on a large project for example. 

If this workspace option doesn’t fit your style then maybe you’ll appreciate our more generic office desks and workstations. We stock a wide range of desks and work areas to best fit your working environment and business style. We have some desks such as our Javelin desks, which offers a more open environment and makes communication easy for your staff. 

If you work in a more confidential environment, we have our Octavian desking method which is a great way to give your staff members privacy and retain their focus. This offers your office a much more professional seating method and is a great way to maintain confidentiality. If this isn’t enough, we even offer Essex screen shields which are great for helping to prevent the spreading of infections and diseases including coronavirus. 

As well as these great workstation desks, we also offer tables great for boardrooms as well as an amazing approach to meeting tables. This way you can hold those important interviews and conferences in confidence, allowing you to focus on what really matters. 

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What office chair should I get?
The best office chairs to invest in depends on the style of your business. If you’re looking for comfort and functionality, our ergonomic Chairs are perfect for you, offering great support to your back and posture. If you’re looking for style and aesthetics, our leather executive chairs may be a good choice. 

What kind of office chairs are good for back pain?
Ergonomic Office Chairs are the best for back pain and improving your posture. These chairs are fully adjustable so that you can perfectly support whichever areas of your body that feel necessary. We offer these chairs in both mesh and fabric, in order to fit all kinds of working environments. 

Should I invest in an ergonomic office chair?
If you are somebody who struggles with their posture or experiences some pain when sitting in the same positions for long periods of time, then an ergonomic chair is a great choice for you. These chairs look professional and impactful, whilst also being extremely efficient and comfortable, offering specialist support to the sitter and being fully adjustable to match all of your needs. 

What are great office chairs for working from home?
The best chairs to invest in for working from home once again depends on the person’s individual preference. If you’re looking for comfort and health benefits, our ergonomic chairs are a great option, offering incredible support to your back and posture. If you’re looking for style and charisma, our leather executive chairs are a good idea, which is also built with great support.