Ergospine Fabric Task Office Chair in Black (24h Chair)

Ergospine Fabric Task Office Chair in Black (24h Chair)

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The Ergospine fabric office chair has been designed to promote a healthy sitting position by encouraging movement and providing dynamic support for posture changes. With many adjustment options to allow you to personalise the seated position that suits you best, Ergospine focuses on natural movement and active seating.

Active and supportive ergonomics
Personalising your chair has never been easier, engaging the tilt lock function for a perfect supportive ergonomic seating position, or unlocking the tilt lock function and adjusting the tension to allow for balanced active seating, which promotes blood flow and reduces muscle deterioration during prolonged periods of working.


  • Synchronised seat and back angle
  • Adjustable active tension control
  • Pump up lumbar
  • Multi-function 3D armrests
  • Multi-function headrest
  • Sliding seat depth adjustment
  • Height adjustable back
  • Class 4 gas adjustment
  • Heavy-duty black aluminium base
  • Five lockable back positions
  • 25 stone (127kgs) weight rating
  • 10-year fabric seat cover warranty


Relieve neck and back pain with good ergonomics

Are you sitting correctly at your desk?

Sitting incorrectly at a computer for long periods of time can take a toll on your body and health. By not sitting with the correct posture, it is easy to end up with the most common workplace injuries such as; back, neck and knee pains.

Download our simple guide on the steps needed to be taken to maintain good ergonomics and staying comfortable at your desk during the day.